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Kristin attended East Carolina University for both Undergraduate and Graduate school, receiving her BA in 2006 in Psychology, minoring in Biology. In 2008, I received my MA in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Kristin is a Board-Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) and is licensed in North Carolina as a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA), with Health Services Provider (HSP-PA). Kristin has been active in the ABA field since 2006 working in the areas such as home, school, and community with varying severities and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Boasting two publications on Reactive Attachment Disorder.

I have always been interested in psychology, specifically why people do the things they do.  As an Undergraduate, I was unsure of what career path I wanted to take.  I stumbled upon a course called “Contingency Management” and I fell in love with the science of ABA. I had to figure out how to turn it into a career. I applied for a job as an ABA therapist in August of 2006.  Shortly after, I knew that I wanted to work, not just with the field of ABA but children with Autism as well. I have never looked back.

I never saw myself doing anything other than designing in-home ABA programs for children with Autism, until now.  I am passionate about our field and want to see it grow.  I discovered a way to leverage my skill sets… recruiting.  As an individual BCBA, I was limited in the caseload number of children that I could help. As a recruiter, I can assist in the hiring of multiple BCBA’s, therefore helping more children and families.


Tony Termini, is a senior executive recruit and the senior partner of SUN Information Systems (SISI). SISI supports organizations to be more productive and profitable through a full spectrum of development, specialized products, solutions, project implementation, and other technology services. Tony boasts a truly extensive background having experience recruiting both big and small firms across a variety of fields including banking, finance, office support and IT – with IT being a primary focus for much of his professional background. Tony is also Kristin’s father. 


An Aldephi Colllege Alumni, Tony has over 30 years of recruiting experience. Tony was given the opportunity to start recruiting at a young age. With that,  getting to know people, their likes, dislikes, what makes them tic, Tony finds joy when seeing a candidate experience landing their dream job. “Knowing I helped get them there, or take that next step in their careers, really makes my day.

I started SUN Information Systems 20 years to support the IT recruiting that we were doing.  When Kristin first told me that she wanted to work with me, I was shocked at first.  She loves being a BCBA and I didn’t understand her reasoning.  But I was also very happy. Getting to work with my daughter is a dream come true. We started SUN Health Solutions together so that together we can help the ABA community.

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